Made-To-Order Special Alloy Bronze Sleeve Bushing for the Commercial and Consumer Product Industry

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Made-To-Order Special Alloy Bronze Sleeve Bushing


Special alloy bronze sleeve bushing/bearing.


This was for a national distributor serving a multi-location manufacturer/marketer of commercial and consumer products. The manufacturer wanted to increase their market share by extending their product line to carry a heavier load (i.e., transition to a heavy duty product line). Isostatic was currently providing a powdered bronze bushing to the manufacturer for use in their basic product assembly.


The manufacturer was looking for a “heavy duty” bearing/bushing that could provide a PV value of 100,000+, much higher than PVs provided by either powdered metal bushings (max PV 50,000) or SAE 660 cast bronze bushings (max PV 75,000).


Isostatic presented the manufacturer with two concept alternatives – an aluminum bronze bushing (max PV of 125,000) and a manganese bronze bushing (max PV of 150,000). The manufacturer decided that the aluminum bronze bushing was the best alternative based on performance and cost characteristics. The manufacturer placed an initial order for the aluminum bronze bushings with the national distributor and Isostatic for performance testing purposes.


The new heavy duty product line was a success! The manufacturer was able to increase market share utilizing the capabilities and expertise of its EXISTING suppliers. A win-win for all!