Made-To-Order Cast Bronze Sleeve Bearings for an Oil/Grease Application

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Made-To-Order Cast Bronze Sleeve Bearings


Stock SAE 660 cast bronze sleeve bearing/bushing with a made-to-order oil/ grease hole and internal groove.


A mid-size OEM needed a standard size cast bronze sleeve bearing with an oil/grease hole and internal groove.


The initial product design included an unconventional square cut groove. The company approached a number of machine shops to make the bearing/bushing, however, all were reluctant to do so based on the unconventional groove design. The customer’s production start date was drawing near.


The customer contacted a bearing distributor partner of Isostatic. The customer, working with the distributor and Isostatic, gained a better understanding of the six to eight conventional oil/grease groove designs available. Isostatic had sufficient quantities of the SAE 660 cast bronze bearing/bushing (without the groove) in stock. The customer decided that a conventional figure eight groove with a rounded cut would meet their needs and revised the design to include this.


Isostatic delivered the grooved sleeved bearings/bushings in time to meet the customer’s initial production schedule.