Supply and Stocking of Powdered Metal Flanged Bearings for the Landscape Equipment Industry

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Powdered Metal Flanged Bearings


Six-figure annual quantity requirement of made-to-order powdered metal flanged bearings/bushings.


This was for a distributor partnered with a market-leading landscape equipment manufacturer.


This equipment maker has a highly seasonal manufacturing schedule, just-in-time (JIT) inventory planning, and weekly quantity releases with a high degree of variability. They also had special packaging and labeling requirements because the bearings/bushings are delivered direct to the assembly cell.


Isostatic worked closely with the distributor’s staff to develop a manufacturing schedule and stocking levels based on the customer’s monthly and weekly production plan and rolling forecast. The product is packaged in custom designed containers and shipped with 24 hour notice. Material is delivered direct to the assembly cell ready for immediate use. Isostatic has a certified supplier status based on its consistently high level of performance and long term relationship with the customer.


The customer reduces its inventory investment and warehouse space, the related overhead costs associated with stocking components for assembly, and minimized material handling costs because the product was delivered direct to the assembly cell for immediate use.