Supply of Powdered Metal Sleeves and Cast Bronze Bearings for the Bearing Distributor Industry

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Powdered Metal Sleeves and Cast Bronze Bearings


Numerous sizes of SAE 841 powdered metal sleeves, flanged bushings, and thrust washers, as well as SAE 660 cast bronze stock bearings/bushings.


National Power Transmission Distributor (with multiple DC’s and branches).


Their current supplier’s lead times were growing, the order fulfillment rate was declining due to the limited availability of stock, and inbound freight costs were increasing.


The distributor approached Isostatic to inquire about the lead time and availability of 88 different SKUs – 82 SAE 841 powdered metal inch and metric products and 6 SAE 660 cast bronze inch items. Isostatic had ALL of the items in stock. The distributor placed the order, and the entire quality was shipped the next day.


This national distributor was able to improve their competitive position and profitability through shorter lead times, higher order fulfillment rates, lower freight costs (due to complete shipments), and reduced warehousing costs by only receiving one shipment of an item versus two (split) shipments. A WIN – WIN for the distributor and Isostatic!