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Isostatic Industries, Inc. has successfully completed a variety of custom bearing solutions for customers in a number of industries. Below are a few examples of some of our recent projects. Please contact us for more information.

Broad, Ready InventoryBroad, Ready InventoryMore...   Coast-to-Coast FulfillmentCoast-to-Coast FulfillmentMore...
Scheduling SolitionsScheduling SolutionsMore...   Made-to-Order SolutionsMade-to-Order SolutionsMore...
Grooving SolutionsGrooving SolutionsMore...   Special AlloysSpecial AlloysMore...
TU Steel-Backed, Increased LoadsTU Steel-Backed, Increased LoadsMore...   TU Steel-Backed, Thinner WallsTU Steel-Backed, Thinner WallsMore...
Engineering ExpertiseEngineering ExpertiseMore...    
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