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Design Assistance and Supply of Custom Special Alloy Sleeve and Flanged Bearings for the Engineering Industry

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Large Flange


Special alloy, large diameter, made-to-order sleeve and flanged bearings.


This product used in a large public works dam project, in the northwestern area of the U.S. The project involved a large regional bearing distributor in conjunction with a municipal engineering firm.


The lead project engineer was seeking a single source that possessed the technical expertise and capability to deliver ALL the products in a timely basis.


The length of the project from initial quote to final shipment was approximately two years. Only preliminary drawings were available in the early phases of the project. Final drawings were not available until the dam was dismantled and the existing parts were measured to factor in wear allowances. Special alloy materials were required to accommodate the size and usage requirements. The sleeve bearings required an outside diameter in excess of 40", while the flanged bearings were in excess of 41". The final parts had to be machined and shipped cross country within a 10-day window. The engineering firm and regional distributor would incur large fines if the delivery schedule was not met.


Isostatic staff reviewed many revisions of the drawings and provided technical feedback regarding design and material characteristics. Production was scheduled ahead of time to meet the projects delivery requirements. The bearings were made according to the product specifications and delivered on time.


The products were installed, and they performed according to the design specifications. The project was completed on time and no fines were incurred. The engineering design firm and the regional distributor enjoyed the success of this project and developed a lasting relationship.

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